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Keeping your garage door safe and functional.


Garages are a critical element of your Minnesota home. Receive a free consultation on upgrading any part of your garage door system.


Garage doors can be dangerous to repair. Our professionals can safely repair your garage, preventing a DIY disaster.


Minnesota weather can be hard on garage doors. Schedule regular maintenance in advance to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Garage door failures can be one of the most frustrating issues to deal with, especially for Minnesota homeowners.  Our residential garage door technicians can help solve your garage door issues today!  

Common garage door issues

A popping sound may indicate that your rollers are worn out.

Squeaking noises usually mean the rollers and bearings require lubrication.

Scraping sounds are commonly associated with frayed cables.

Our technicians will properly diagnose and repair the issue so you can get back to your routine quickly and safely.

A failure of the main gear is a common culprit and may require a replacement.  This repair is considered difficult and should be left to professional technicians.

This is commonly associated with tracks that are bent, pulleys that have become worn down, or faulty cables.

These issues may be complex to properly diagnose and should be left to a professional technician to assess and safely repair.

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So my garage door opened one minute and then went crazy. I (called) After Hours Overhead Door. He was in the area so he came over and diagnosed the problem had me running again in a short time. Great customer service.
Called on a Saturday morning after a broken garage door cable and door jammed between rails which was holding our cars hostage. Even being on the edge of his service area he came as quick as he could and saved our cars within just a couple hours! His service, help and rate will keep us as customers and we will be referring After Hours Overhead Door often!
Excellent service. Called at 4pm on a Saturday to fix a broken garage door spring, which would need to be ordered at a big box store, he had one in his truck. Came out, fixed now I can move on in life. Thank you sir!

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We can provide a free estimate for most types of garage repairs and installation jobs.  Submit your request online and include optional photos, or call us for immediate service.

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