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We Offer Professional Garage Door Repairs in Minneapolis

After Hours Garage Door Services in Minneapolis offers excellent service for all your residential garage door needs. Our experienced and licensed technicians are happy to help with any garage door problems you may have, whether you need a new garage door installed, an opener replacement, or a panel replacement. As a family-owned and operated company serving Minneapolis and the surrounding areas such as Saint Paul, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and New Hope, we provide honest and courteous service 24 hours daily. With decades of experience in garage door maintenance and installation, our certified technicians can get the job done no matter what type of residential or commercial garage door and opener needs you have. Contact us today for emergency service or to schedule a service call for your overhead door needs.

Garage door spring repair

The proper functioning of garage door springs is essential for the smooth operation of your garage door. If these springs break or wear out, the door may become difficult to open and close, posing a safety hazard that could result in injury or further damage to your garage system.
Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in repairing garage door springs. They quickly diagnose the issue and use high-quality replacement parts to ensure a long-lasting repair or opener installation.
It is important to promptly address any problems with your garage door springs to maintain safe and efficient operation. This highlights the need for professional installation services. Ignoring these issues can lead to more severe problems in the future, potentially causing your entire garage door to malfunction.
You can rely on our professionals to provide prompt and reliable service to quickly get your garage door back in working order. They ensure that all repairs or new garage door installations meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Opener repair and Replacement

Maintaining or replacing your garage door opener is crucial for ensuring that your garage door operates smoothly and safely. Skilled technicians can identify and address issues, whether they are minor problems such as slow movement or noise or more significant issues such as the door not opening at all.
They have the skill to repair various types of openers or, if needed, replace them with newer models that offer better performance. These professionals can also recommend the best kind of opener for your garage door system, considering factors such as door weight, size, and frequency of use.
This guidance can help you determine whether repairing your current opener or investing in a new one is the best choice for improving efficiency and security. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of replacing panels can elevate the functionality and appearance of your garage door, akin to a comprehensive garage door installation.


Residential Garage Doors

We can repair or service any type of residential garage door. Emergency services available 24/7 in the St. Cloud area.
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Commercial Overhead Doors

Our professional technicians are available 24/7 to get your overhead door operational.

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Smart Garage Door Opener Installation

Smart Garage Door Opener Installation
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Garage Door Parts that just work

Garage Door Parts that just work
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Panel Replacement

Moving beyond repairing and replacing openers, panel replacement is another essential service. This service is often required when weather, accidents, or regular wear and tear have damaged a garage door panel.
Our experienced technicians remove the damaged panels and install new ones that seamlessly match the original design of your door, restoring its appearance and functionality.
Addressing damaged panels promptly is crucial to prevent further issues with the garage door system. For optimal functionality, complete garage door installation services may often be required. A single damaged panel can disrupt the balance and operation of the entire door, potentially leading to more significant problems in the future.
By paying close attention to detail and working precisely, professionals ensure your garage door is restored aesthetically and operates smoothly.

Track and roller repair

Trust our skilled After Hours Garage Doors technicians to handle track and roller repairs for your garage door expertly. We use top-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure optimal residential or commercial garage door system performance. Regularly maintaining these components is essential to prevent costly damage and ensure the safety of your property, emphasizing the benefit of our garage door installation and maintenance services.
Our team is dedicated to repairing and enhancing your garage door system’s functionality and longevity. We prioritize safety and provide professional track, roller, and opener installation services tailored to your needs.


Cable replacement

It is important to replace garage door cables to ensure that they function smoothly and safely. Our experienced technicians can replace old or damaged cables with high-quality replacements that adhere to safety regulations. This essential service guarantees that your garage door operates effectively and securely, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Why Choose Us for Your Garage Door Repairs?

Choose After Hours Garage Door because our experienced and licensed technicians offer 24/7 emergency repair and installation services for residential and commercial garage doors. We provide competitive pricing to ensure you receive the best value for your investment.

Experienced and licensed technicians

We offer round-the-clock emergency services for garage door repairs. Our experienced technicians in Minneapolis are dedicated to providing top-notch maintenance for your garage door. They work with precision and care to ensure the safety and functionality of your garage door.
Our team regularly undergoes training to keep up-to-date with industry advancements in tech, guaranteeing that we deliver outstanding garage door installation services customized to meet your unique requirements as a homeowner.

24/7 emergency repair services

Our team of skilled and licensed technicians is available around the clock to provide quick repairs or garage door installations for any problems you may encounter as a homeowner in the MN area. Call us whether it’s a malfunctioning opener or a broken spring, and we will address the issue promptly.
Our focus on competitive rates and top-notch customer service guarantees your safety and convenience at all times.
In addition, we provide expert maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in MN, including spring replacements, sensor adjustments, and garage door installations. This ensures that your garage door functions smoothly in any situation.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for all garage door repair services in Minneapolis, ensuring that our high-quality service is affordable for every budget. You can trust in our professionalism and expertise without breaking the bank.
Our pricing is transparent, so you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs, especially when dealing with comprehensive garage door or opener installation services. This gives you peace of mind about the total cost of your garage door repair or installation services.
We are dedicated to providing competitive pricing for all of our services, from garage door spring repair to opener replacement, panel installation, track and roller maintenance, cable replacement, and emergency repairs.

Brands we service and repair

Our technicians can install or repair nearly every type of garage door product and part. We work regularly with quality brands such as Chamberlain, Genie, Haas, Wayne Dalton, and many more.
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We can provide a free estimate for most types of handyman services. Chat with us Live or Call us for an estimate.
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